AnGangseh is the mother of Seh and Tonglong, and a Snake-style kung fu master. Her name literally means "Cobra" in Cantonese Chinese.

Appearance Edit

"Her most striking feature was her eyes. Long, narrow, and piercing, they were the kind of eyes you would never forget. Ever." -Snake, p. 99
AnGangseh is described to be both incredibly beautiful and mysterious. She has dark skin that seems to glow under lantern-light, and full red lips and a small nose. She has high cheekbones and a delicate and angular jaw. Her long and midnight-black hair is partially hidden beneath her black silk robe. AnGangseh's most noticeable feature are her piercing eyes, which are almost capable of mesmerizing people. They are long and narrow, like a snake.

Personality Edit

AnGangseh is cold and manipulative, even stooping to hypnotizing people to achieve her goals. She is as deadly as she is beautiful, often using her beauty to lower her opponents' guards before striking.

AnGangseh's voice is low and silky, and she often draws out the 's' sound when she speaks, like a hissing snake.

Skills/Abilities Edit

General Edit

  • Chi Mastery- AnGangseh has the supernatural ability to sense other's chi, or life energy. She is also able to mask her own chi.

Attacks Edit

  • Spitting- AnGangseh can shoot spit from between her barely parted lips with great accuracy, allowing her to distract an enemy as she moves in for a stronger attack. She is first shown doing this in Snake, when she and Seh are attacked by soldiers.
  • Snake-fang Fist- When AnGangseh does this technique, her long, poisoned fingernails (see below) increase its effectiveness, making the attack much more painful for it's reciever. She is first shown using this attack in Snake, when she and Seh are attacked by soldiers.

Weapons Edit

  • Poisoned Fingernails- AnGangseh has long fingernails which she uses to strengthen her attacks. She put poison under her nails, making them even more deadly. She is first shown using her nails as weapons in Snake, when she and Seh are attacked by soldiers.

History Edit

AnGangseh is actually from Canton, which explains why she has a Cantonese name despite never having been a warrior nun at Cangzhen Temple.

Book Three: Snake Edit

AnGangseh does not appear until Snake.

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