Fu is a twelve-year-old master of Tiger style Kung Fu. His name literally means "Tiger" in Cantonese Chinese.


Fu is very large, solidly built, and muscular. He is the strongest and burliest of his brothers.

Personality Edit

Fu is very instinctive and somewhat rash. He has an extremely strong will, like his father, Sanfu, and can be quite stubborn at times. Fu is very aggressive and hot-headed, which sometimes leads to him taking out his anger on his brothers or anyone nearby.

Skills/Abilities Edit

General Edit

  • Heightened senses- Fu's sight and hearing are better than average. He can see fairly well in the dark, and hear things far away.

Attacks Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Tiger Hook Swords
  • Fists

History Edit

Book One: Tiger Edit

Fu was made to hide in a barrel during the attack on his monastery. He escaped it and was told by grand master to run. He took the ancient scrolls from Tonglong (Mantis in cantonese) and spared him. Ying threatened him and told him to give them back. He also finished grand master off who told him to run. Tonglong distracted him when he was going to kill Fu. Fu got away. He stumbled upon hunters who were killing a mother tiger in a tiger trap and a cub. He knocked one unconcious and hit the mayor's sun in the ear. They fled, leaving Fu with the already dead mother and scared cub. He healed the cub and let it go. He arrived at a village, hoping to reconcile and was captured in a cage. He was told by a drubkard (Who was really his father) the tiger killed and ate the mayor's wife. Fu meanwhile befriended a kid, Ma, and apologized to the mayor's son. They helped him escape. He returned when Ying's third in command came. The drubkard and kids defeated the soldiers and Fu got away, with the scrolls. He was captured by ying and was freed by Malao, his monkey brother with a troop of snow monkeys he befriended. However, Ying arrived and dispatched both of them, also carrying Hok like a hunting trophy. Tonglong, despite returniing the favor, heelped free them without getting in trouble. Fu and Malao decide to try to get Ying's scrolls while Hok wants to find the truth about grand master killing Ying's family, which he claims.

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