Hok is a twelve-year-old master of Crane-style Kung Fu Master. Her name literally means "Crane" in Cantonese Chinese.

Appearance Edit

Hok is slender, with pale skin, light brown eyes, and thin eyebrows. She moves very gracefully and silently, often described as "drifting" or "floating". Malao thinks that her swift, silent movements seem unnatural.

Personality Edit

Hok is very calm, level-headed, and logical, even in the midst of conflict. She is a master at hiding, as seen in how she pretended to be a boy for most of her life.

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  • Healing- Hok is a skilled healer, having a deep knowledge of healing herbs and traditional Chinese remedies.

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 History Edit

Hok's birth name was OnYeen, meaning peaceful, before she was given the name Hok by Grandmaster. She is actually half-Dutch and half-Chinese, as she finds out in Crane.

Book One: Tiger Edit

ok in this Book is said to be a Boy, and gets in the Barrel when Ying Attacks. She speaks up against Ying, and then runs into the forest like the others. in a later chapter, Ying asks Tonglong ask to catch a Crane, meaning to capture Hok. In the end of the Book, Hok is freed, and they head toward Shaolin.

Book Two: Monkey Edit

Hok is discovered to be a girl in Monkey, although it is revealed that both Ying and Seh knew her true gender prior to Monkey. However, the revelation comes as a surprise to Malao, who thought that Hok was a boy.

Book Three: Snake Edit

Hok in Snake was first seen collecting money from the citizen. Charles soon joined her along with Bing.

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