Long is a thirteen-year-old master of Dragon-style Kung Fu. His name literally means "Dragon" in Cantonese Chinese. Long is the eldest of the Five Ancestors.

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Long has the build of a sixteen-year-old, despite being only thirteen years of age His body is muscular, but he has a kind face that seems detached from the rest of his body.

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It is stated that Long does not like to use weapons; even with an opponent with guns he prefers using his bare hands.

 History Edit

Long was born to Grandmaster's son. Long mentions that his parents were murdered and were robbed by Cholong. Grandmaster, angry of what Cholong did, killed Cholong and took back the scrolls. Long came to Cangzhen Temple to become a Dragon-style Kung Fu master.

Book One: Tiger Edit

Long is seen first when Cangzhen Temple is under attack. He gets inside of the barrel, swinging both feet in like Malao with the strength of Fu, but looks it over like Hok, and slides in like Seh. He and Seh get really mad at Ying when he says he's going to burn all the Kung Fu scrolls. Kung Fu could be lost forever. He later disappears, like the mythical creatures when they separate into the forest.

Book Two: Monkey Edit

Long is not seen in the book, but is mentioned a few times by Malao.

Book Three: Snake Edit

Long is not seen in the book, but Seh worries about him during the Dragon festival. Seh shrugs it away and says that Long will be fine.

Book Four: Crane Edit

Long is first seen being a guard at the Jinan Fight Club. He is seen talking to Fu and Malao after they were put in cages. When Hok and Tsung fight in the arena, he is shown lighting a fire ring in the arena. The fire goes out of control, and luckily he escapes.

Book Five: Eagle Edit

Long is first seen looking through the ashes of the Jinan Fight Club. He finds LaoShu's remains and Tonglong is surprised he is not afraid. Ying is caught sneaking around the club, and a search party goes out. When Ying was trying to get away from the group, he bumps into Long who threatens him, but spares him. He leads Ying to a tunnel were he puts a six-hourglass into effect. After saving Ying, Long tries to lead away the search party. When he is fighting at another fight club, he fights a foreigner. Tonglong studies his performance and notices several times that Long is sparing the man. Tonglong doubts his loyalty.

Book Six: Mouse Edit

Long is seen fighting Lei in Mouse and befriends ShaoShu

Book Seven: Dragon Edit

In Dragon, Long escapes with Xie from the Shanghai Fight Club. Long is now a wanted fugitive under the new southern warlord Tonglong's new "rule."