Malao is an eleven-year-old master of Monkey-style Kung Fu. His name literally means "Monkey" in Cantonese Chinese. Malao is the youngest of the Five Ancestors.

Appearance Edit

Malao is a small, dark skinned boy with dark brown eyes and short black hair. He is the smallest and youngest of his brothers. Malao wears a traditional orange monk's robe and is bald like most monks at the beginning of the series. However, his hair begins to grow in Monkey

Personality Edit

Malao is energetic and excitable. He is a huge prankster, and rarely seems serious. He loves to play jokes on his brothers, and many of his fighting techniques seem like a joke to his opponents as well. Malao is a quick-thinker, especially when it comes to jokes or plans on the fly. Malao finds it hard to calm down, and claims that meditation doesn't work for him before the events of Monkey.

Skills/Abilities Edit

General Edit

  • Agility- Because of his size, Malao is very agile and quick. His training in the Monkey-style takes full advantage of his agility and speed.
  • Climbing- Malao is able to quickly climb trees and other tall objects, and can jump incredible distances from one high up position to another. When in a forest, he can swing from tree to tree like a monkey, crossing great distances without touching the ground.
  • Smelly Feet- Not so much an attack or an ability, but more of a running joke. Because of Malao's aversion to baths, his feet have a very strong, unpleasant odor. Malao uses his feet several times to check whether someone is unconscious by putting his feet on their face. He also does the same to wake up Fu in Monkey.

Attacks Edit

  • Hammer Fists-
  • Scissor Kick- A great kick to block objects.
  • Open-palm Strikes- A quick attack to deal damage on your enemy. Used against Hung in Monkey

Weapons Edit

  • Carved Monkey Staff- Malao's weapon of choice is a short wooden stick. It is about the length of Malao's arm and nearly as thick as a monk's staff. It is made of white wax-wood, a very light-colored wood. The whole surface of the stick is covered in brown carved monkeys. Malao's staff was stolen by one of Ying's soldiers after the attack on Cangzhen Temple, and retrieved soon after by Malao through a fight. Malao carries his staff in the folds of his robe afterwards.

History Edit

Book One: Tiger Edit

Book Two: Monkey Edit

Malao flees Cangzhen Temple and runs into Hok almost immediately. After leaving Hok behind, he runs across a troop of bandits. After defeating a bandit named Hung, he comes across Fu, who has been captured by Ying and his men. After freeing Fu, they race through the forest towards Shaolin Temple, only to find it has been burned and destroyed by a former monk named Tsung.

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