Tonglong is a 29 year old man with an very thick ponytail braid that is long enough to tuck in to the sash of his robe. He serves as a very active antagonist throughout the series, although his actions are not always acknowledged or traced to him at the time. His mother is AnGangseh, making Seh his half brother. His father is deceased. Tonglong is from Southern China.

Tonglong means Praying Mantis in Cantonese, and he is a Master of the straight Sword.

Gender Male
Age 29
Meaning of name Praying Mantis
Pronunciation of name Tong-Long
Style None
Signature attack Moves with his Straight Sword
Aliases '
Affiliation Southern Warlord
Allies Ying, HaMo, Ahgangseh
Enemies Ying, Monks of Changzhen Temple, Emperor, Xie
Weapons Straight Sword
Family Mother: Ahgangseh Half Brother: Seh

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TongLong kills AnGangseh for secretly betraying him with Lei. He soon kidnaps the Emperor and takes him as prisoner to take his place.

Weapons and AttacksEdit

Straight Sword

A strong sword that can be deadly. Was used by Ying to cut off Grandmaster's head after Cangzhen was taken.

Later on takes the jade straight sword from the mystical treasure hord as a trophy and symbol, as it is not exactly suited for combat situations.

Other InfoEdit


A Black Stallion- Tonglong's favorite horse. It is said that the horse can travel a thousand li-- or little more than 300 miles-- a day. Tonglong is claimed to be a skilled horseman.


Mother: AnGangseh Deceased

Half Brother: Seh Living As of Dragon